Celestial Sky Linkshell Rules

  1. No other endgame linkshells are allowed. Social linkshells are allowed but we'll want you to spend most of your time with us.
  2. Final decisions by leader, officers are to be followed.
  3. Must be loyal to the shell.
  4. No drama of any kind are allowed in LS. Respect others like you wanted to be respected.
  5. Planned events. Please have all your gears repaired, have food ready, arrows prepared before hand. Getting ready at the last minute will just waste everyone's time.
  6. If you're going to take a break from the game, please post on the forums or notify the leader, officers via message on the forums.
  7. While doing events such as farming, instance, strongholds etc. do not go AFK for more than 10mins, short breaks such as heading to the restroom, getting a drink is okay. If you are going to go AFK for a long duration, leave the PT. It isn't fair to everyone that was working and if the drop ends up in your loot and you're still AFK, this might cause drama.
  8. Items dropped from events should go to the person that can make the most use out of it. For example, +enmity gears drops, main tank / secondary tank should be getting it for smoother runs in the future. Same goes for DD gears. We'll be gearing everyone up that attends events so don't get turned away on how this sounds.
  9. Members that are still in trial will not be allowed to loot any item. Most of our LS members are equipped with the best gear already so whatever we don't need will be passed to you.
You must be logged into Guildwork in order to apply and/or view your application status.